Astronauts Take Up Space

“Music is not in the notes, but in the space between.” – Mozart

Deep Squats (Thoughts)

In my quest for elegance I challenge myself by asking if I can cut something out. Can I remove something and get the same, or better, result. Occasionally, I add things to my life. But even then I try to remove two things for the one “add”. i.e. Buy one new pair of jeans to replace two old pairs.

I came across the Mozart quote above and appreciate how the spacing can make the difference. The breaks. The rest. The nothing. This idea of “less is more” carries over into CFPA from our program design, the class design, instruction and even the huddle at the end. Sharing this merely assures you that there is intention and purpose in our gym. There is plenty of room for improvement at CFPA. When you send me quotes, stories, books, podcasts, etc. I get better and I enjoy passing them along knowing they will help others in their pursuits of “better”.

Please enjoy some responses from the last week about what motivates your fellow gym members to keep showing up day after week after year.

“Dont die. Look good naked for my wife.”

“I do it for future me.  A lot of people depend on me, my older mom, and my work colleagues. I need to be in top shape so I can handle anything life throws at me. I also want to be in top shape to enjoy life after I retire. I want to be in hotel rooms, not hospital rooms.”

 “Prior to entering into CrossFit, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it. I surprised myself very much after the first week. My long-disused muscles were screaming with soreness. It honestly hurt to even get out of bed. I examined my mindset heading into the second week, wondering if I was crazy to keep going to class. And I realized that…I couldn’t imagine stopping. I couldn’t imagine not going. Because that would mean falling back into a cycle of getting weaker. Having more back issues. Falling back into the pit. Even though sometimes I don’t feel like it, sometimes (if I’m tired) I even dread it–I can’t imagine not going, because I’ve seen so many positive results, right from the get-go. Now quitting isn’t even a thought I entertain. So, seeing results…and also having a vision of what my future self could be.”

“My biggest hack for keeping my motivation up is NEVER LOOK AT THE WORKOUT IN ADVANCE. It serves no purpose — just gives me time to come up with excuses about how maybe today I’m just too tired and I see running on the agenda, or whatever.  Instead, I just think about putting on my gym clothes, having a cup of tea, finding my shoes. Then I just think about driving. Then I just think about putting my stuff away and coming into the gym. I say hi and chat with my friends at the gym. I think about anything else EXCEPT the workout. Even when I’m writing it down, I kinda zone out and don’t think about it. I only think about the workout when you start to talk about it.

Not a minute before.”

“Having both parents with advanced heart disease, exercise is literally a life or death issue for me to cope with my genetic predispositions. And I’m competitive, even though I try not to project it outwardly. So seeing classmates ahead of me gets me to work that much harder, thus increasing my fitness per unit time, which the engineer in me loves!”

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“I’m just figuring out how to get more of that brisket.”


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