Mind The Gap

“People say the words they wish they believed. What they do, is what they really believe.” – Matt Beaudreau

Tim’s Deep Squats (Thoughts)

We have all the information we need. We all know we should eat more protein. Maybe less carbs. Maybe less fat. Exercise more. Lift heavy. Stand up more. Sit down less. Get more sunshine on our eyeballs and skin. The list goes on and on. Why doesn’t it happen? Why don’t we do it? What’s wrong with me?

Years ago I was introduced to “The Knowing – Doing Gap Theory” by someone in an Introduction. I’ve often mentioned it because she said our system for reducing barriers to success fit the model. Basically, our program design of reserving class times on specific days/times shrunk the gap as much as possible to where it boils down to the individual just having to show up to experience the benefits. If they can cross the gap, they get the results. I have found that this is where everyone is unique. We all have a different reason or method to cross the gap.

(Brief Summary) In 2000, Pfeffer and Sutton published The Knowing-Doing Gap: How Smart Companies Turn Knowledge into Action, which highlights the importance of turning knowledge into performance. Put simply, the knowing-doing gap is the disconnect between knowledge and action.

When it comes to fitness, and so much more, I have drawn the boundary that I am responsible for myself. I will then provide every opportunity and structure for our current and future members to experience the benefits of CrossFit. BUT, I cannot do it for anyone else. This is what spurred me to create the t-shirt with the saw on the front that says “Do The Work” with the back saying, “It’s Up To You.” Because it is.

The coaches, and even your fellow members, are here for you. We all want to see you win by achieving your goals and discovering what you’re capable of. We don’t coach motivation nor desire, however. You have to find that for yourself. If you struggle to know what that is, then ask someone else what their “why” is. Maybe you borrow that until you discover your own or it becomes your own. There are no rules when it comes to getting started, staying motivated and getting results. “Feelings aren’t results.” But positive results produce some pretty great feelings.

There’s an interesting dichotomy where you don’t have to do it alone while knowing that it has to be done by you. I’d love to hear back on what some of your motivations, techniques to keep showing up and doing the work are.

What’s Going On?

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Overheard in Class:

“Good things take time. Great things happen all at once.”

Caffeine by Michael Pollan

In Caffeine: How coffee and tea created the modern world, Pollan calls caffeine “the most-used drug in the world”—one we give our children in the form of soda and consume ourselves in multiple daily doses of tea or coffee. Caffeine, it turns out, has changed the course of human history: Pollan’s reporting explores how caffeine has won and lost wars, changed politics, and dominated economies. He asserts, with the support of voluminous research, that the Industrial Revolution would have been impossible without it.

The science behind caffeine addiction forms the fascinating backdrop to this definitive look at an insidious drug that hides in plain sight. With his wide-ranging talent to entertain, inform, and perform, Michael Pollan’s Caffeine is essential listening in a world where an estimated two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day.

Tim’s Takeaway: I like that he is neither pro nor con caffeine. It’s like a good reporter providing facts and information that leaves the listener to decide for themselves what to do with it.

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