What Does It Mean Now

“Is it a tragedy or an inconvenience?” – Ellen Langer

Member Deep Squats (Thoughts)

“The open reignited a competitive flame in me that I thought was permanently put out over a decade ago. It’s not only returned but it’s somehow come back stronger than before. It also made me realize that the feeling can be coupled with fun as well and is arguably more enjoyable because of that. I’m hooked and can’t wait to look back on this year come March 2025 to celebrate my growth!”

“The Open was three great mornings full of esprit de corps with members you never get to workout with during the regular week routine. Hard to think of another civilian place you can gather so many people and watch each other savage themselves…….and for only $6.68 per treatment!”

“From a workout perspective, the Open this year was only 50 minutes long (the total time cap), and the objective was to do as much as you could in that little slice of time. This year 24.3 landed on what would have been my Mom’s 82nd birthday. Life is shorter than we think. My favorite thing about the Open is being surrounded by people trying to get as much as possible out of every minute they’re given.”

“I would say that what The Open most meant to me was community. It was great meeting people from other classes and seeing the great range of people (all different ages and body types) all having fun tackling the workout together. It was also inspiring to watch the people who are much better than me at this!”

“I didn’t think I’d be able to compete in another sport without months of practice and training. It’s awesome that The Open was scaled so that someone new to CrossFit like me could participate, be globally ranked, and set a fitness baseline to beat for next year. The Open was also a fun way to meet other CrossFit PA members!”

“Before The Open starts I have a ton of nerves! Each workout seems so daunting but I’ve always found myself in great company with a positive community wanting each person to give it their best. I’ve never regretted showing up to each of those Saturday mornings! The icing on the cake is being able to PR and accomplishing something you imagined was not possible.”

What’s Going On?

Goat Yoga is coming up!

Who: Anyone and Everyone

Dates: March 30, 2024

When: 3pm

Where: Lemos Farm, Half Moon Bay

Cost: $30

Sign up at CFPA


Your Next Success

When: Your Next Class


Overheard in Class:

“This is not CrossFit Whatever.”



The Mindful Body by: Ellen Langer

Learn how adjusting your thoughts can change your health—from the “mother of mindfulness” and first female tenured professor of psychology at Harvard.

A paradigm-shifting book by one of the great psychologists of the twenty-first century, The Mindful Body returns the control over our bodies back to us and reveals that a true understanding of health begins with our minds.

Tim’s Takeaway: Plant a flag. This book is a pivotal moment for me. I really like Ellen’s style of writing and story telling. To hear her voice, I recommend THIS PODCAST also.

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