CrossFit is Open

“Commitment is a currency that is invaluable.” – Michael Blevins

Tim’s Deep Squats (Thoughts)

We had a blast with 24.1!!!

Congrats to Kamini for guessing closest to the actual workout. Get your guess in on Instagram or Facebook to be eligible to win. Or send me an email if you’re shy.

Huge thanks to the 95 that registered from CFPA. We are on the front page of the Affiliate Leaderboard in North America West. 49th place. That is also 325th in The World out of over 12,000 affiliates. WOW!

Over 70 people completed the workout on Saturday in 5 heats. It was a tough workout, as expected, but it is always so fun to see everyone give 100% effort in the workout and in the support of others.


Fresh from @thedavecastro Instagram. We have a pawn. And if you watch the video on IG, it gets knocked over!

What can it mean? What is your guess?

Each week we will have a contest for whoever can most accurately predict the 2024 Open workout that week. Guess the movements, the numbers, the time domain and YOU can win. There will be a weekly prize for closest prediction.

Post your prediction on INSTAGRAM or to the CrossFit Palo Alto Facebook Page for that week, starting now up until Thursday at 12pm PST. If your guess is closest, you earn a prize and bragging rights all day Saturday. To be eligible, just be a CrossFit Palo Alto member and be registered for The Open. Here’s your chance to win The Open!

Week 2 predictions start NOW! 3-2-1…GO!


What’s Going On?

The CrossFit Open

When: March 2nd, 9th, 16th

Saturday mornings at 9am

Bring a scoresheet for you +1.

Goat Yoga is coming up!

Who: Anyone and Everyone

Dates: March 30, 2024

When: 3pm

Where: Lemos Farm, Half Moon Bay

Cost: $30

Sign up at CFPA

Overheard in Class:

“Fitness is to health as weather is to climate.”



The Four Tendencies by: Gretchen Rubin

In this groundbreaking analysis of personality type, bestselling author of Better Than Before and The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin reveals the one simple question that will transform what you do at home, at work, and in life.

Watch the video above.

(Take the Tendency Quiz HERE)

Send me your influences. Music? Books? Movies? Series?